3 Delicious & Easy FullyRaw Smoothies to Feel Good and Lose Weight


3 Delicious & Easy FullyRaw Smoothies to Feel Good and Lose Weight! Never compromise taste or starve yourself. These recipes are filling and colorful:

The FullyRaw Vegan Craving Buster Smoothie:

Today's DAY 7 Meal Plan includes my FullyRaw Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream! YUM! Recipe here:

41 thoughts on “3 Delicious & Easy FullyRaw Smoothies to Feel Good and Lose Weight

  1. We Are Soo Loving your Fully Raw Smoothies , Receipies, They are
    SERUPIOUSLY DELICIOUS, AND MAKE,us Run Around our Neighbor Hood,
    MMMMM!!!!!, So Great Thank You, Kristnia, with Love and Light, Raphael and
    Veronika Rayfnder

  2. I don’t know about Affordable Kristina!
    Raw and especially organic foods are ridiculously expensive here in Canada.

    But I have heard of the miraculous powers of raw food with respect to joint
    pain and inflammation overall.

    • +twopax17 I’m from Canada also and I know what you mean. But when you think
      about it, eating healthy now is cheaper then medicines and metical bills
      later in life. Try googling a Co-op near where you live, or a farmers
      market, or just a store that sells bulk. I save so much money that way. I
      spend about 70-85 Canadian dollars a week on my vegan foods, but I know
      people who spend less/more. Its all about acquiring money saving knowledge
      and buying foods in season also helps. I even grow some of my favourite
      foods in my backyard (Its small, but I make it work) hope this helped a bit
      🙂 I feel SO GOOD eating like this, its worth every penny spent

  3. the one smoothies you have can I add extra to it along with what you had
    put into it like you said to add OJ,basil, and mint can I also add
    kale,cilantro,and some celery would it hurt the flavor ( or do you have a
    smoothie that I can mix with pears,kale,cilantro and spinach.and ginger i
    need more green smoothies what would be good thanks your your help D

  4. the pineapple and strawberry one is soo nice i just added a small bit of
    celery, spinach and almond milk. i also used water instead of coconut

    • They all look great but the pink one sounds so yummy right now… Where
      did you get the jars you used? They look so fun for morning smoothies.

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