5 Fat Burning Summer Smoothies – Saturday Strategy


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5 Simple Smoothies To Blast Belly Fat – Saturday Strategy

When it comes to fat-loss, exercise plays a big role. But can you guess what’s even more important?

That’s right… YOUR DIET!

For something quick, smoothies are one of my favorite go-to’s for a simple meal or snack. Why? The benefits of a well-made veggie/fruit/superfood packed smoothie are as follows…

They are easy to make in a matter of minutes
Provide a ton of amazing vitamins and nutrient
Give you a lasting energy boost
Help with weight management
Enhance mood
Naturally detoxify and cleanse your body
Support your immune system
Give you plenty of fiber
Make the cells in your body happy!

In today’s busy world, it is easy to reach for snacks that although may taste good, don’t provide us with the nutrients our body needs to thrive. Luckily, smoothies are QUICK. You can whip them up in 10 minutes or less and give your metabolism just the boost it needs to rev up and begin to work with and for you!

This smoothie was a game-changer for me when I began my transformation and even more so since adding in the superfoods and adaptogens from our Organifi Green Juice.

At FitLife, we believe in the power of our incredibly intelligent body’s to send signals so we know what they need to feel their best. In most instances, they can take care of themselves quite efficiently! We just need to give them the right tools. While you’re hitting the gym and the beach this summer, be sure to give your body the power-boosts it needs on a daily basis to thrive.

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33 thoughts on “5 Fat Burning Summer Smoothies – Saturday Strategy

  1. im 6’01” and im 280lbs and I would like to loose the 80 lbs extra that I
    have …so wich smoothie you recommending me? also I read on google that
    most of the natural smoothies juices getting you fatter? is that true?

  2. nice, if I drink that smoothie, will I have guns like yours? oh wait, I’m a
    girl, nm, I make my own green juice (garden greens juice into icecubes
    enjoy all summer and winter!), I’ll have to add that almond butter though.
    Thanks for that recipe, you hot rod!

  3. Not Keradine, Carrageenan. Silk is the brand I use specifically for that
    reason. Well that and it has a creamier taste. And it’s non-GMO

  4. Wow, that is a Amazing, congrats to the winner. I just subbed your channel,
    because I’m on a weight loss journey and trying to get off my last 3 meds
    for HBP. I think I can learn a lot from your channel….. I have stopped
    smoking since June 16,2014 and stopped drinking coffee since Dec 2014. And
    during that time I have put on 40+ pounds, So.. This month I have a
    challenge for myself to do 300,000 steps. Last month I loss 7lbs this month
    I’m pushing for 10lbs, Any quick tip, or just direct me to videos of your
    I should check out, Thanks!

  5. hey Dru you said no Keradine in the Almond milk, am I saying or spelling
    this right? what is that? the reason I’m asking is because I only drink
    Almond milk and just want to make sure I’m staying away from the bad stuff.
    thanks for this shake looks very filling and nutritious going to so try

    • +staycee1 Carrageenan is not digestible and often used because it thickens
      and emulsifies products. The problem is that in some people it can trigger
      an immune response which can cause ulceration and inflammation in the
      digestive tract. Almond milk, outside of Silk, is also present in other
      types of dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese , etc. aways be on
      the safe side and read the label for this additive. Hope this was helpful.

  6. I have an old champion juicer, can I just stick with it? I did get a new
    blade. I really appreciate you so much. I went on the purium cleanse and
    David Sandoval has gone multi level and is a supplier of green raw
    materials. You are so great because you are so giving of information. I
    just read the green foods bible. love your videos. really !!!!! the
    best I will send my daughters and friends.

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