Making The Perfect Green Smoothie For Weight Loss

For anyone wishing to lose weight there are many options open to you. A strict exercise routine or calorie counted meals three times each day. Both of these will help you reach your perfect body weight goal. Individually I believe including healthy green smoothie for weight loss into your diet is a great way to lose weight and keep fit and healthy. Enjoying smoothies for losing weight is a delicious way to get rid of the excess body fat. In fact when prepared properly you will discover a smoothie can present you with all the needed essential nutrients and vitamins.

Green Smoothie For Weight Loss- Which Ingredients To Use.

The best smoothies for weight loss are created using a mixture of raw fruit, natural sweeteners and a selection of vegetables too. When creating your weight loss smoothie I tend to go for green smoothies, as they are rich in nutrients and contain very little fat and plenty of fiber. You can use either water or a plant based milk such as almond or coconut, as they have a lower fat content, as a base for your drink. They will also give your smoothie a creamier texture as well as making it more filling. Try to avoid yogurts or milk and get your calcium requirement from some leafy greens such as kale or dandelion smoothie for weight loss

Some fat can be healthy for your heart so be sure to include some in your smoothie. adding a quarter of an avocado will be sufficient. Coconut or nut based milks can be useful for this too if you don’t like avocado. Be aware of the amount of fatty foods you include in your green smoothie or your weight loss efforts will be fruitless. Sweeten you drink with bananas, grapes or mangoes in fact any sweet fruit you enjoy. Doing this will avoid having to put sugar into it. Sugars that occur naturally in fruit will not cause weight gain. Avoid honey and syrups as your otherwise healthy smoothie will soon have the opposite effect.

For effectiveness I suggest making your green smoothie for weight loss one of your meals for the day. Doing this is great for your diet as the calorie content for one smoothie will be considerably lower than a meal. If not more of your daily nutritional requirement, your smoothie, done correctly, will provide as many. It will also aid you in increasing your fiber and water intake and the actual quantity of fruits and vegetables in your diet, all necessary for healthy weight loss.

Now if you are thinking all of these vegetables and fruits could become quite expensive you needn’t be concerned. You can use frozen fruits or berries, which are normally cheaper than their fresh counterparts. You could also purchase in larger quantities and freeze, then just defrost when you are ready to make your smoothie. Avoid tinned fruit at all costs as this is normally canned in syrup and does not have the same nutritional values as fresh fruit.

When making your green smoothie for weight loss use any fruits or vegetables that you enjoy on a regular basis. What I like to do is to include two pieces of fruit, preferably different, and a couple of cups of greens. Add to this eight ounces of water or milk and a quarter of avocado. If you wish you can also include a scoop of protein powder. Blend these ingredients and you will have yourself a tasty meal.

While drinking smoothies for weight loss can be great for you, I would suggest incorporating them into a healthy eating regime and try to live a healthy lifestyle, with exercise and sensible diet.


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